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Yuletide Ball celebrates 100 years of support for Brooklyn pre-K program

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Brooklyn Eagle features BKS’ appointment of Mel Jackman

BKS appoints Melisha Jackman as Executive Director

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May 2020


Our words are inadequate to express the pain we are experiencing during this time of pandemic and civil unrest. Brooklyn Kindergarten Society (BKS) serves communities in Central Brooklyn that are disproportionately impacted by institutional racism and discrimination, poverty, and lack access to health care.

We hope for a just resolution to these situations; and, we at BKS will continue our important work to help the next generation start off on the same footing as those that live in more affluent neighborhoods within this borough.

BKS believes in giving every child a solid start by providing children, parents and caregivers with high-quality instruction, supportive services and enrichment activities. BKS’ program model is grounded in the belief that parents, families and communities are the principal influences on the development of children. So in partnership, we work together to raise strong, healthy and curious children. Our choice to work in these communities flows from a commitment since 1891 to support, lift up, and empower the borough’s children.

Education is transformative, and BKS will continue inspiring change within our students, their families, and their communities.

Stay Strong,

Benita R. Miller, Esq.
Executive Director
Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

Support our students & families during this challenging time

April 2020

Help BKS respond to Covid-19

BKS responds to Covid-19 to support our students and their families.

March 2018

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York produces a video on the Dedicated Teachers of community-based organizations

October 31, 2017

WNYC News features the BKS Nat Azarow Children’s Center in Brownsville and interviews BKS Executive Director James Matison

December 13, 2016

Brooklyn Eagle features the Yuletide Ball, the annual BKS gala raising funds for BKS early learning centers

May 23, 2016

Brooklyn Eagle features the BKS 125th Anniversary Celebration

November 12, 2014

Brooklyn Eagle features Brooklyn Kindergarten Society being honored with a Robin Hood Hero award

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