“My experience here has been very rewarding and joyful over the past three years. I’ve seen my child improve so much in her learning and I know it’s because of the staff here at Nat Azarow. I have to say that the teachers did an AMAZING job with my child. My child adores her teachers and her friends and talks of nothing else when at home.

I love the staff here and I feel that they are always here for me as well as my child. I’ve often said to others that it’s so hard to tell when the teachers and staff are having a bad day because they are so pleasant and friendly in general. I feel very involved in the program and comfortable with staff and teachers. I can always come to them with any need and they help me. When my child leaves for kindergarten in the Fall, I will miss them very much, but I’m glad how everything turned out.”



“My name is Eqwonna Purvis and I am the mother of Tyre Tallerson. My daughter has attended Brevoort Children’s Center since the 2 year old class. From her first time in school till now, my daughter has grown socially, emotionally and cognitively. Tyre has become very independent, very helpful and has an uncontrollable desire to learn. With the help of the Children’s Center staff, my child has grown tremendously, right before my eyes and I’m so glad that I chose Brevoort Children’s Center to help aid in her development.”


“My children have been enrolled in BKS since 2012. Since then we have seen them flourish academically and socially. The staff is wonderful in keeping us informed of new developments. Sad that this is our youngest daughter’s last year but we know they have prepared her for kindergarten.”



“Enrolling my two year old at the Edwards L. Cleaveland Children’s Center has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. His teachers, as well as other staff members, handle him with a level of attentiveness and dedication I thought could only be achieved with family. He wakes up every morning excited to go and comes home talking about his social interactions with his new found friends.”

— K.F.


“Sumner Children’s Center is a wonderful place. My two children are attending the center. The environment is a very safe, energetic, loving and nurturing one where each child is made to feel special. When my daughter started at Sumner, she was very shy and reluctant to be separated from my husband and myself. The teachers at Sumner worked very hard to help us with the transition and to reassure us that she would be fine. We have seen Emma develop into a confident and social child who loves going to school every morning and seeing her teachers and friends. Emma is now in the Pre-K program and Timothy in the young 3’s class. I am happy to know that my children are in a nurturing environment with teachers who genuinely care about their wellbeing and happiness.”



“My experience with the BKS team has been exceptional. My son has been a student at the Tompkins center for about 2 1/2 years. The staff there are professional, welcoming and show a great deal of respect for the students and their families. It’s always a great feeling to see the different programs that are brought into the site not only for the participants but also for their families. I’ve seen a great deal of growth in my son during the time he has been at Tompkins. He loves his teachers as well as his classmates. Being a part of the parent DASPC board, I got to meet with parents from other sites and network on ideas to bring back to Tompkins. Overall, I am pleased with the BKS program and am grateful that my son had the opportunity to be a part of it. I know he will do great in Kindergarten and beyond thanks to the education he received at the BKS Tompkins site.”