Weeksville Gardens Community Center

New programs will launch beginning Fall 2017

The Weeksville Gardens Community Center continues the community-based tradition of the Brooklyn Kindergarten Society: partnering with families so that vulnerable Brooklyn children are supported in their optimal physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development for success in elementary school, high school, and beyond.

BKS recognizes that families—the key to children’s success—often benefit from resources and support beyond the classroom. To that end, we provide counseling, referral services, and workshops for children and their families.

Since earlier this year, the children and staff from the Cleaveland Children’s Center have relocated temporarily to the Weeksville Gardens site. This move has allowed renovations to be completed faster at Cleaveland, and created a more optimal learning environment for the Cleaveland children and staff during the renovation period. The children and staff from the Cleaveland Children’s Center will return to their original home in the late summer of 2017.

Weeksville Gardens has been serving as a community center (opening for the first time since 2002!) during evening and Saturday hours, and will immediately expand to a full-day program in the fall.

Stay tuned: New programs will launch beginning Fall 2017. Educational and recreational programs will serve both younger and older children and their families.