Our Classrooms

Children learn through play—and should come dressed to play. Play is a child’s work!

Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of each age group while also meeting the individual needs of each child.

Classrooms are set up with interest areas where children are engaged and learn skills:

Blocks Area: math, social skills, language skills, problem solving, and creative thinking

Dramatic Play: creative thinking, social and emotional skills, language skills, and social studies

Educational Toys and Games: problem solving, math skills, language skills, and social and emotional skills

Art and Writing: fine motor skills, reading skills, alphabet, creative thinking, and aesthetic development

Library: listening skills, language skills, reading skills, and social skills

Science and Discovery: scientific process, evaluating information, math skills, language skills, problem solving, language development, and social skills

Sand and Water: math and science skills, problem solving, creative thinking, and language skills

Music and Movement: physical development, math skills, and social and emotional development

Cooking: math and science skills, language skills, and social skills

Computers: fine motor, technology skills, reading skills, and computer competence

For our infants and toddlers

We use a curriculum specifically designed to meet their developmental needs. Infants and toddlers learn all through their day as they explore their world with their senses enabling them to gain a sense of security and identity.

Our classrooms encourage children to move around and explore toys and materials in a safe and healthy environment. Our teachers know that one of the most important factors for healthy infant and toddler development is their ability to establish nurturing and responsive relationships with the children in their care.