Looking for a top-rated, extended-day preschool? BKS is enrolling ages 2 to 5
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Brooklyn Kindergarten Society is a community-based nonprofit organization providing preschoolers from working families a nurturing education environment where they learn, play and thrive!

What you get at BKS Preschools

  • High-quality programs where children develop language, social and thinking skills
  • Small classes where your child receives individual attention
  • Private outdoor playgrounds
  • Cozy reading areas
  • Nutritious meals with a hot breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Assistance for children with special needs
  • Access to community resources such as dental and medical screenings
  • Enrichment activities such as music lessons, movement, dance and STEM activities.
  • Parents welcome to visit anytime

Plus, BKS Family Services provides support beyond the classroom:

  • Family and Community Engagement Coordinators work with each family to create a family support plan

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