Our Family Handbook & Getting Involved

View the BKS Family Handbook or download it here. The handbook includes information on Student Eligibility & Enrollment; Program Operations; our Educational Program; Health, Safety & Nutrition; and our Parent Involvement Program. It is an important resource for our families as the year progresses and as different situations arise.

Parents are invited to participate in all aspects of the BKS program. We have an open door policy and parents can visit their children’s classrooms at any time. They are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, join us on field trips, participate in art activities, and share personal stories, experiences, and skills with our children. Parents are encouraged to participate in our Parent Committees which are active in each of our seven centers. We also have parent representation on our Board of Directors to ensure that parents have a voice in all aspects of governance.

In the first few years of life, children absorb knowledge at a remarkable rate. By age five, most children have already built more than 90% of their brain connections that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. At BKS, we offer constant opportunities for growth in cognitive, social, emotional, and physical ways for every child on an individualized basis. But a child’s parents, the lifelong teachers of their children, are the key factor in having their children reach their full potential. Parents must be involved in what happens in school and in the ongoing learning that goes on at home.